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Employer Controled Healthcare ENDED July 3. 2013.


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Jun 14, 2012
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See with the delay in the Employer required coverage.

This means:
with the employer HC out of the picture
that you will automaticly get the 4-8% of pay subsidy. Since, they will not even get the chance to offer the NEW FAKE
(invented by WALL STREET) coverage at 9'5% of you pay.

And when the emplyer mandate kicks in in a year. WHY pay 9'5% of you pay when you have been paying 4% for a year??????


Employer control over HC ENDED.

Gov subsidy is at hand, and then when the GOV controls 90% of the HC payment system, then why BOTHER with the scum Corps?
Tying our healthcare to employers was a stupid idea. It makes things too expensive for the employers and it makes things too complicated or ineffective for the people who need healthcare. It should simply be something everyone has all the time. No games, no tricks, no profiteering. Just keep people healthy.
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