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Elenore Smeal suggests new conspiracy..

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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While watching the senate confirmation inquisitors on C-span, during one of their breaks C-span allowed some of the hearing room observers to give their two-cents worth to the C-span viewing public.

One was Elenore "Pap" Smeal..:lol: The old man hating cronie phoney femmi-nazi bulldyke who simply detests anything that might be good for America.

She suggested that the reason the hearing room was not packed was because of the senate majority(republicans) making it deliberatley difficult by requiring tickets to be needed in this particular confirmation hearing, ..& vague time frames that were confusing; ..otherwise there probably would have been many more dissenters who are opposed to judge Roberts.

Guess she thinks nobody at home cares to see, or hear those confirmation hearings; ..or "maybe" she thinks that Dubya might even be tampering with all the cable companies connections so Mr. Bush can pull off a putsch for Roberts?:rofl

Smeal, ..what an aging leftwing whacko!
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