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Election Fraud: Affadavit of C.M. Smith, Broward County

Their explanation:

The temp, Chelsey Marie Smith, reported seeing workers at the Broward County Board of Elections filling out blank ballots en masse - a scene that she assumed meant they were tampering with the election. As the Sun-Sentinel has reported, however, the State Attorney's Office looked into her allegations and found no evidence anything "illegal or improper" was going on. In a statement to the conservative news site Independent Journal Review, the office elaborated:

"It was determined that the ballots were being completed by SOE staff on behalf of overseas military personnel who had voted by faxing their ballots to the election office. The fax paper does not scan into the voting machines and the votes must be transferred onto a ballot that can be scanned. State law allows such a transfer of vote to a computer ballot."

No, a Florida whistleblower did not uncover 'massive voter fraud' (and other election hoaxes you might be seeing online)
Well we sure wouldn't want to bring all of our great exotic technology to bear on elections.
What about fingerprints? If the preferred method of stealing elections involves groups of people who sit for weeks filling out ballots and if the same finger prints or no finger prints are on a large number of ballots that proves an election's been stolen. Genuine voters would not hide their finger prints on a ballot so they will be there on practically all.
1. Obviously the OP is BS.

2. Faxes? ****ING FAXES? It's 2018 (well, 2016 in the case here, but not much difference in tech), and they're still FAXING stuff as important as ballots????

I get that the troops are overseas and technology isn't quite as good in Afghanistan, but hell, FAXES?
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