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El-Difrawi champions Internet Reform act


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Dec 1, 2005
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Congressional candidate El-Difrawi supports Internet reform act

Congressional candidate Dr. Alec El-Difrawi backs the passing of a law that would require every internet website to have verifiable contact information. In addition any posting would require verifiable information.

For more information visit www.eldifrawiforcongress.com or www.eldifrawiinternetreform.com

Congressional candidate Alec El-Difrawi supports the Internet Reform Act I for one simple reason: It makes sense. The internet is a place where anyone is free to state anything about anybody else at anytime. It does not matter whether the statements, accusations, declarations or decrees – no matter how inflammatory – are factual or not. Truth does not enter the equation.

Think someone doesn’t like you and wants to exact revenge? They can post all manner of misinformation and slander about you, your family and your background – without fear of repercussion or accountability. Additionally, the perpetrators of this cut-and-run mentality do not have to identify themselves. So you’re not only getting clobbered over the head, you have no idea who the assailant is. It happens more often than you might think. And there is virtually nothing you can do about it.

The World Wide Web has become the Wild, Wild West. Feuds aren’t settled with bullets and lynchings, but with slurs and allegations.

This bill isn’t designed to take on the media; they have always been held accountable for blatant misinformation. Remember Jayson Blair? The New York Times reporter admitted to plagiarism and falsehoods in his articles. The resulting fiasco not only ended with his firing, but also led to the resignation of editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald Boyd.

The internet as it stands has no such built-in fail-safes. It’s anything goes, and it will lose its value as a haven of free speech unless responsibility is added. This bill will protect consumers and businesses from smear campaigns and half truths

How does the bill work? Anyone creating a site or posting on a message board must provide a valid and verifiable name, address and phone number. That’s all there is to it. Simple, yet effective. Cyberbullies will think twice about spewing possible slander if they know their words can be traced.

Mr. El-Difrawi’s sponsorship of a bill to require accountability makes perfect sense. Free speech only works if speakers are responsible for what they say. And it is the responsibility of every American to exercise and protect free speech. This bill goes a long way toward preventing the internet from turning into the OK Corral, where a misinterpreted deed or discourse could result in character assassination.

We live in the United States and the First Amendment protects free speech. Free speech, however, should not be wielded haphazardly. Words can harm. And it is the malicious misuse of free speech on the internet that makes it the final frontier to conquer and defend, so every American is protected.
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