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Ejecting prisoners may 'solve' overcrowding, but it only passes us more trouble!


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Sep 16, 2009
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That stupid woman, one of a pair who won their libel battle with McDonald's, said that anti-social behaviour is only caused by young people 'fighting over the scraps' thrown them by the 'capitalists'.

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact these louts are just malevolent ne'er-do-wells who enjoy making the lives of others a misery?!

No wonder people like that have ruined the country when they've been put in charge. And with Tories and Liberals both keen to flood the streets with criminals having served even less of today's paltry sentences, crime can only carry on unabated.

Just a few disgusting examples of soaraway crime from recent news. And all perpetuated by the kind of people Lib-tards queue up to 'help' and 'understand':

Woman stabbed after answering door - Portsmouth Today

Knifeman Thwarted By OAP Have-A-Go Hero - Yahoo! News UK

BBC News - Hull's Larkin toads attacked by vandals

UTV News - Vandals destroy city special needs centre

Third cricket club targeted by vandals « Slugger O'Toole

They'll be back out soon. 'Need the cells', don't they: BBC News - 'Mocking' killers of three-year-old boy jailed for life

I'm not a violent man, but a few broken ribs for those who wouldn't flinch at doing it to you for 'looking at them the wrong way' may be just what the doctor ordered: Britain's High Rising Youth Violence and Implications

But no, you've GOTTA treat the scum of society with respect and honour: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=wa...B&sa=X&ei=ATFfTJX8FqG60gT5zKHIBw&ved=0CAYQpwU

A bit of 'understanding', guitars distributed by Billy Bragg and state-funded support for the bloody* VICTIMS might be nice around about now, you treacherous Ministerial filth!

Why doesn't Clarke and his slimy Liberal allies just let beleagured warders hand the scumballs blackjacks and knuckledusters on the way out and have done with it?!

* Usually quite literally!


(But there are also nob-ends at our level though: Couple painting fence fined £80 for criminal damage after 'flecks' ended up on neighbours' side | Mail Online )


And on the subject of crime.......



Say NO to Sharia and other supremacist Islamic doctrine rooting in Britain!
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Antisocial behavior is caused by a society that is hellbent on removing every lawful and orderly method of expressing our aggressive impulses.
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