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Eh, to tell the truth I’m still under the effect of the Katrina hurricane.


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Sep 29, 2005
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Eh, to tell the truth I’m still under the effect of the Katrina hurricane. Relating Rita I think that our Mass Media untwisted the situation around Rita advisedly. And I suppose that by this way president Bush tried to show that he’s well in the charge and able to manage this sort of things. Unfortunately he is trying by Rita to close our eyes on his errors and feeble effort to patch up things during Katrina. He hopes that we will make us forget about his inability to work and make decisions. Moreover I think that so hot reports from Texas are drawing away nation’s attention from real catastrophe in Iraq. And of course it diverts form ideas that $ millions spent for war in Iraq could be spend for New Olean’s flood prevention.
I read the news at yahoo.com .The hurricane is really terrible.
You can also add Clinton and every other previous administration for the last 40 + plus who knew this was inevitable and did nothing about it.
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