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Egyptians Married To Israelis To Lose Citizenship


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Nov 17, 2009
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An Egyptian appeals court on Saturday upheld a ruling that orders the country's Interior Ministry to strip the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women.

The case underlines the deep animosity many Egyptians still hold toward Israelis, despite a peace treaty signed between the two countries 31 years ago.

Such a plain shame that the Egypt government would treat their own citizens like this. This type of law is just as much a civil rights violation as the Gaza blockade.

We can't help who we humans fall in love with, so why punish the people that fell in love with someone from Israel?
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Can someone clarify this for me.
Is the restriction about marriage to an Israeli or is it restriction if married to a Jew?
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There are around 45,000 Egyptian/Israeli marriages. Probably 99.9% of these are Egyptian men married to Arab-Israeli (Palestinian) women.

The supposed pretext for this violation of marriage is state security.
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