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Egypt tangled up in the blockade


R.I.P. Léo
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Oct 2, 2006
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Le Figaro - International : L'Égypte empêtrée dans le blocus de Gaza

In order to calm down its own public opinion, Egypt has decided to open the crossing point at Rafah.

Indeed, if the Egyptian press looked quite angry at the IDF raid, it was also angry toward its own government, which is seen as an accomplice. Since the beginning of the week, thousands of demonstrators ask for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the end of gaz exportation to Israel.

Because of those internal pressures, the Egyptian president has decided to open the crossing point of Rafah, for an unspecified duration.

However, Egypt does not want to give Hamas a victory that would give it legitimacy. Indeed, Cairo supports the Fatah, and fears that a Hamas victory would encourage the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

To justify the blockade, Egypt says that lifting it would make Egypt responsible for Gaza, which would let the hands free for Israel to handle West-Bank. That would be, according to them, a death blow for the Palestinian cause.


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May 14, 2009
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Mubarak has good intentions but he's opposed by the absolute majority of his citizens.
It's a problematic situation for them but there's not much doubt that the support for the blockade would be continued by the Egyptian government.
They hate and detest Hamas, and they hate the sponsors of Hamas even more(Iran).
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