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Egypt Opens border with Gaza


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Nov 13, 2009
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Seems that Egypt has decided today to open it's border with Gaza. It is interesting that Vice President Biden was meeting with the head of Egypt on the very day that this happens.

It is my sense that the Obama administration has given the go-ahead for Egypt and perhaps encouraged this action.

This comes on the heels of the Obama administration changing U.S. policy that has held for 40 years concerning the NPT and Israel.

I am sure if a knucklehead like me can see these things, Israel understands that it's most important ally has " change you can ( better) believe in".

Will an isolated israel wait until Hamas has the same missle power that Hezbellah has? If not is it reasonable to expect a war this summer and if yes will Israel look to achieve more than limited victory than for example the last operation in Gaza.
Ironically; this is going to hurt Gaza. Hamas will up their attacks on Israel, which will inevitably invite a more powerful response than simply a humanitarian 'embargo'.
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