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Economics Questions...I didn't see a specific forum (1 Viewer)


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Jun 12, 2011
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Well, I just watched a video on the current state of the economy, and I have some questions.

I understand that printing money creates inflation because there is simply more money (a higher denominator results in possessed money having less value), but what exactly happens to increase prices? Does demand go up because there is more available money so the prices go up?

Can't the overall banking system pay for debts because of the fractional reserve banking system? Money is created at the same value that loans are issued. Plus they get interest. So couldn't they pay off debts? I'm confused.

How does a country intentionally devalue their currency? I know it could be by printing more money, but is there another way? The narrator said "Britain and other countries intentionally devalued their currency..." Why? Is it just because they had to print money?

Eventually prices go up so much that the confidence of the dollar ceases, and the currency collapses.




One more question. The criticism of this video, basically cites history and renowned economists on the consequences of certain actions. He doesn't go into what exactly happens. And it bothers me. I have a seemingly basic question but I need help connecting the dots.

When the worlds reserve currency switches (and there is evidence that it already has) from the US dollar, what exactly happens?

Thanks again.
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Read about Spain in the fourteenth and fifteenth century.
With so much gold and silver coming from the new world, the
perceived value of things changed, as people casually threw gold around.
The value of Dollars are based on... well what people think they are worth, that's it.
If people think they are worth less, they are.

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