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Economic problems 'worse than thought', says Cameron


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Jun 1, 2006
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BBC News - Economic problems 'worse than thought', says Cameron

Quote(David Cameron will say Britain's economic problems are "even worse than we thought" as he sets out why he believes "painful" cuts are necessary.

In a speech he will say how the £156bn deficit is tackled will affect "our economy, our society - indeed our whole way of life".

The economy will dominate political debate ahead of the Budget on 22 June. )

It was ever thus after a Labor or even NU-Labor administration.
They spend money as though there is no tomorrow, borrowing heavily just before Elections so that they can then bribe the electorate
It would be far better for Labor to have explained where all the money was going to come from, but no, all they did was promise more benefits from a Government with an empty purse.
It is to be hoped that this Coalition Government will rid GB of all the unelected Quango's that drain the country and do little to nothing except for those highly paid Czar's paid to run them.
I doubt that. They still don't appear to have learned that centralising as much authority in Whitehall as possible results in greater mismanagement, lack of efficiency and financial waste, not less:

Tories will take decisions on building new schools away from local authorities if they win the general election | Mail Online

Still, cuts need to be made and if Cameron manages to break even then that too would be an astounding achievement.

He'll have a great many handicaps to overcome, not least how to make good despite having only 1/3 of our gold left now than when the Tories were last in. (Knowing the even loopier Lib Dems, they'd probably want Cameron to sell the rest to have even more Monopoly-money Euros clogging up the vaults!)

He also couldn't go wrong in breaking Labour's failure by actually letting our young people know that to be a tradesman is to have you set for life. Never mind all the worthless Mickey Mouse degrees in circus studies, etc, just to let them say they can get something!





There's so much Left wing damage to be reversed post-haste.


Deep joy. Now a Madrassa can opened up anywhere to teach kids. They blow up so early these days.

- a, UK, 07/2/2010 13:51

Mail article comment.
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