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I've heard a little about this... perhaps you could explain a little more about the situation. Also, what could the individual internet consumer do?
Okay the thing is these people create these flash cartoons and they post them on these sites. However, this guy named Eric Bauman well its pretty much summed up in the movie. He goes around taking these flash cartoons and putting them on his site. He does this without contacting the author of the flash cartoon and he also sticks this little thing that says 'This image is hosted by Ebaumsworld' on the authors name thing. Ebaumsworld doesn't take credit for it but they make money of it because they run ads on the website and even though it says on his site that he will take down movies if the author contacts him, he never does. And usually the dipshits on the forum will ban them and act like jerks.

I think honestly the best thing you can do is boycott their website and spread the word around the internet (post this on forums and websites etc.) . Newgrounds.com is the original home of most of the stuff on there anyways (for example: Numa,Numa and Starwars Rap AYB etc. etc. etc.). It has a better community also.
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