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Earth Day Teach-In 'humor' (people have not learned the science nor how to deal with eco-anxiety)

At the end of 2019 there was the start of the covid pandemic which a significant number of political conservatives believe is 'fake news'

In 2022 the world witnessed the 'special military action' (i.e. Putin's euphemism for war in Ukraine) so is it no wonder a bunch of ivory tower types see trouble given the situation


Sigh,... since Earth Day is next week thought it fitting to remind people it has been more than 50 years the first 'teach-in'

Sadly the fact is all these issues (i.e. the pandemic, the war and climate change) are not going to magically resolve themselves, so just wondering how others cope given the situation???

FWIW I've always used a twisted sense of humor as a psychological coping mechanism which allows me to confront difficult issues head on,... for example WRT man made climate change I realize the issue difficult to say the least,... BUT the IPCC group 3 report gives me hope that there are technical solutions

OTOH basic human nature makes most people bury their head in the sand when daunting problems arise (so this is why as I see things why the problem of man made climate change continues)
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