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Dragon Age III Anyone?


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Jul 23, 2009
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I'm sure I'll pick it up.

Origins was pretty good but it was so much more linear than Baldur's Gate that I was kind of let down. If they can bring back more of the questing and openness that made BG so good it could be a winner.
I loved DA: Origins and DA2, so I'll get it for sure. I won't be able to play it until I get a new/upgraded machine, but Imma still gonna have my own copy in my hot little hands, lol!
I loved the original Dragon Age, and was pretty disappointed with the second one. I'll probably pick up the third one, but I may wait for awhile so I don't have to pay $60 for it.

That alone is reason enough to play the game!

As far as the "isometric" narrative-driven RPG tradition goes, I'm looking more forward to Torment: Tides of Numenera and Project Eternity, but this has been in development long enough that I have reason to be confident it will improve on the mistakes of Bioware's past two releases.
I wish they make it more like DA:O than DA2. I did like the time-passing system in DA2, as in, you get to see your effects in time. But I didn't like the linearity of it all. A combo of the 2, a well implemented combo of the 2, would be preferable. Like, you play out the initial, preferably 30h long campaign+40-50h of sidequest content in one time period, observing some of the consequences you make in action now... and some you see 10-15years later when you get to play another 10-20h long campaign+10~20h of extra content as the ending, wrapping all things up.
I'm looking forward to DA3. My understanding is that they've been at pains to fix some of the problems from DA2 (e.g. cookie cutter level design, game balance issues amongst the classes, needlessly restrictive inventory system, etc). My guess is that it'll be pretty awesome. Also, I'm picking up my brand new custom gaming pc this afternoon, so I'll have a high end system to play it on.
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