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Don't Take Vitamins

About 60,000 instances of vitamin toxicity are reported annually to US poison control centers.

You may counter that vitamins are needed for the human body to function. Yes, that is true. That’s why you eat spinach and apples. The mistake is believing that artificially isolating those chemicals and then taking massive quantities of them is safe, healthy and effective. It is not.

Contrary to drug manufacturers’ claims, vitamins act like any other chemical or drug put into your body. Vitamins have drug interactions, create unintended side-effects, tax your kidneys and liver and therefore need to be treated like any other chemical you ingest. That is to say that vitamins should be considered only on the recommendation of your physician.

What’s more — vitamins are completely unregulated by any health or safety board (i.e. may contain arsenic, lead, mercury or other substances) and many vitamins have been proven to be hazardous in large doses. Indeed, one recent twenty year long megastudy of 40,000 women showed that vitamin supplements may actually increase the risk of premature death.

So regardless of what the drug manufacturer or a health product marketer may tell you – there are very, very little beneficial things you may do to supplement healthy eating and regular exercise. Instead of reaching for that $25 bottle of "magic" pills or gummy juju Flintstones candy, eat a damn carrot.

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Jan 25, 2013
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The key is to understand which vitamins are water soluble versus fat soluble. Water soluble vitamins once your body is topped off pass any remainders through your urine (think nuclear green). Fat soluble vitamins on the other hand are the dangerous kind, as any extra are stored in fat cells, these are the ones which bring about toxicity.

Find trusted sources for your vitamins, educate yourself on the different kinds of vitamins, and use common sense. For instance I take my Magic Beans daily, I use GNC Energy & Metabolism. I run a 1 month system and then I take a month off just using the regular GNC Mega Men. Then I take a 2 week hiatus from any of them. I drink 1 gallon or more of water every day and have been following this routine for years with no problems.

You should however, I will emphasize get your vitamins and such from whole food sources first if you can but I don't know too many people in this day and age who has the time or for most people the knowledge base to go through the diversity needed to obtain optimum levels of what they need.
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