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Don't like the dog food

Snippet from Mike Barone's article in the Washington Examiner, June 18th

Mike Barone said:
Democrats must face the fact that much of the legislation that seems both necessary and proper to them looks quite different to the portion of the electorate that holds the balance of political power.


It reminds me of the old story about the advertising agency and the dog food. The best ads in the world failed to increase sales of the dog food. So they sent a market researcher in and found the reason: The dogs didn’t like the dog food.

The lesson here is, no matter how eloquent, well thought out, persuasive or necessary the dog food may be, if the dogs don't like it and won't eat it, the amount of advertising and speeches about it just won't matter. A particular problem in Washington that's growing.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: They don't like the dog food | Washington Examiner


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