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Dominos' founder to build Catholic Town (1 Viewer)


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Dec 14, 2005
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The founder of domios Pizza is going to use part of his fortune to build a 'town' around a Catholic University.

He wants the town to be built and run as a moral and ethical town. No abortion clinics, no adult book stores, no 'massage' parlors - something out of the 'good ol' days' of the 40s and 50s. He said he does not want to prohibit anyone of anyother religeon from coming, and he plans no discrimination of such groups. he does want it to be run with high morals, ethics, and as a fundamentally religeous (Christian?) town.

I am just waiting for the nut jobs to flock there only to claim it is Un-constitutional and chalenge it, try to ruin/change it. (If the town's design doesn't sound good to oyu, how about just stay the he!! away?!) I am interested to see, though, how long this 'eutopia' lasts, if even past construction!

I would probably consider moving there if they could actually pull it off!
easyt65 said:
I would probably consider moving there if they could actually pull it off!

Well, there goes the neighborhood! :2razz:
KidRocks said:
Well, there goes the neighborhood! :2razz:

I said his standards are for a 'moral and ethical' town, NOT CLASSY!
Perhaps this thread should be merged with the "Avoid the Noid" thread?
Personally, I love the idea. I wish that we could build a bunch of towns like these for all the right-wing nutjobs. That way, they could have their town the way they want it without shoving their right-wing agenda down our throats.
They would be happy because they can have all their intermingling of church/state, they can impose their views of morality on all the inhabitants and they can let the rest of us live by the freedoms granted to us by the Constitution without them trying to elect right-wing activist judges to try to change the Constitution.
Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
I hear South Dakota has a head start..j/k :lol:
I think it's a great idea, however I feel that one simple town is not enough. I think they should donate an entire state or two. The Dakota's, Utah, hell take Montana too, so all the religious nut heads all move there and get the hell out of the rest of our lives. Then do all that they want to do. The rest of us will keep the coastal States since afterall, bikini's and most beach activities are too appalling to the religious right anyway.

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