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Does the forum look crowded?


Rule of Two
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Oct 17, 2006
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Alright - so I've been gone for a few days because of health issues - I come back and I find this thing of a forum. I don't know what to do with it. The letters are tiny. There are a million places I can click. It's awkward to navigate. Am I the only one having trouble here?
Perhaps. A little.
The print is smaller; hard on someone like me who has very poor eyesight and refuses to wear glasses.

Maybe we'll get used to it eventually. :shrug:
Press {ctrl/+} to increase the font. Minus to decrease.

Might that help Hatuey?
Press {ctrl/+} to increase the font. Minus to decrease.

Might that help Hatuey?

Problem with that is that it will increase the size for every site you go to. I do agree that the sizes have decreased and it makes things a bit harder on the eyes. Is it possible to tweak the font and increase it by a factor of 1, or would that mess up the layout?
Actually forget what I just said. Firefox remembers your preference for the font sizes of particular sites. It only changes DP. I assumed that it worked like in IE where it changes it for all sites. I'm glad Firefox caught on.

Now that the size is increased I am happy. :D

Thanks vauge.
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