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Does someone know about new Estonian euro?


Aug 24, 2010
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I’m craving for seeing the new limited series of Estonian euro coins for I’ve heard that in defiance of rules Estonians are going to issue special limited series of commemorative coins dedicated to 20th Estonian volunteer division SS and Forest Brotherhood. It could be some kind of frame but it’s quite interesting for me. They also say that there will be well-known figure of the Estonian in the German Fascist form with light machine gun MP 38/40 and Hakenkreuz on the sleeve on the verso. The coins with portraits of famous Fascists henchmen of WW II times such like General Commissar of Estonia Karl-Siegmund Litzman and Hjalmar Mae. The last one had been the Head of the Directorate of the Estonian Self-Administration which was supordinate to Reichskommissariat Ostland during the occupation of Estonia by Nazy Germany and the initiator of Estonian SS division organization. Also they say that on the some of Estonian euro you will be able to see the Hakenkreuz at some angle.
All of that stuff excites much. Don’t know if it is true but I’d like to see such items before the ADL and other anti-Fascist organizations would yell blue murder about Estonian Nazi zealots etc, etc. I want to see such feast of neo-Fascist monstrosity before EU would come to sense and withdraw this disgrace.
I’ve heard that in defiance of rules Estonians are going to issue special limited series of commemorative coins dedicated to 20th Estonian volunteer division SS and Forest Brotherhood.

Kind-of figures. Hermann Goering proclaimed the formation of a 'united States of Europe' in 1940, shortly before we refused to join!

United States of Europe: Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich


WMD - United States of Europe under the Nazi command - Their Finest Hour by Winston Churchill - The WMD Library

Well, Pete EU and co., try facing up to THAT and still remain trendy!
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PS - The Communist Red Army (and partisans) also committed sundry war crimes, ethnic cleansing and summary execution. Yet I don't hear whining about them being commemorated by left wing governments and stuck-up students through the years.

War crimes and the Soviet Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stalin's army of rapists: The brutal war crime that Russia and Germany tried to ignore | Mail Online

Allied War Crimes: The Greatest Mass Rape in History -- Free Speech, December 1995

Atrocities of Soviet partisans against Finnish civilians

"And this Must be Remembered!" Stalin’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Crimean Tatars

Ethnic Cleansing and Soviet Crimes Against Humanity

Population transfer in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not trying to deflect from the horror of possible commemorative coins in aid of Nazis, but I wonder what the likes of commie-loving, anti-extremist Alexa and co. have to say on that!
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go nuts and off topic on an unsourced claim, ****ing commies :roll:
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Let's not also forget the BBC series WAR OF THE CENTURY, which featured first-hand interviews with butchers from both sides.

Yeah, unsourced, right!

Or perhaps it's just one big holohoax! Funny how dismissive Lefties are in denial of atrocities committed by their own heroes!

i'm talking about having coins with nazi's on 'em, the OP didn't supply a source, i havn't found anything else about it, and your off topic rants are just ridiculous.
Oh I see. Apologies for the misunderstanding; though on balance you also sarkily mentioned ***ing commies in the same breath, so what else was one to reckon?

And the chap did say it was a rumour, probably groundless as I've seen nothing about it on my travels.

But ridiculous rants, no. I mentioned how the European Union was also mooted by Nazis (amongst others) at the design stage, whilst the commie stuff furthered the part of the topic about organisations involved with war crimes.

It's called supplementary info.
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