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Does anyone BOINC?

BOINC is open source software used for grid computing. The gist of it is that you download project specific software, and a research team will send large "work units" to your computer or phone to process using your idle processing power. It's a huge application that is used (most famously) for SETI@Home which searches through radio telescope data for abnormal non-"noise" signals that may indicate intelligent life.

I run another platform called World Community Grid on two old cellphones that I've hooked up to mini solar panels. WCG is developed by IBM and hosts a number of scientific projects from protein folding calculations to trying to find "protease inhibitors" that would block the HIV virus. Link to Active Research projects and link to software.

I'm curious if anyone else has stumbled across these types of projects before, or if anyone else here is an active cruncher?
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