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Doctor Who series 6: latest casting update (1 Viewer)

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Mar 22, 2010
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This seems pretty interesting!

The sixth series of Doctor Who since it was revived back in 2005 is now before the cameras, and as such, the dripping through of casting announcements is ongoing.
The latest news is that Mark Sheppard has signed up to appear in the new series, in a role that's described as "huge". That's the description of it from the organisers of ValleyCon 36, which the actor was expected to attend.
A ValleyCon 36 statement read that "We had just booked Mark's airline tickets a week ago when less than 12 hours later he got the dream job of any kid who grew up in England ... He [has] landed a huge role in the new Doctor Who."
Sheppard will feature in one of the two-parters in the show's next run, as a character by the name of Canton Everett Delaware III.
Sheppard is best known for appearing in shows such as Supernatural, Leverage, Warehouse 13, 24 and Battlestar Galactica. And we'll keep you posted on more Who casting news as it filters through...
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