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Doctor Jailed for Billing for Sex


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May 19, 2004
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Source: Yahoo News

PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - An Oregon doctor, who had sex with a patient and then charged the state about $5,000 for his "treatments," has been jailed for 60 days and stripped of his license, officials said on Friday.

Dr. Randall J. Smith, 50, told the woman that massaging her "trigger points" would ease her pelvic pain. The treatments led to sexual intercourse and Smith billed the Oregon Health Plan for the 45-minute sessions at the Adventist Health Medical Group clinic in Gresham, Oregon, near Portland.

Smith must also perform 200 hours of community service and pay $1,105 in fines and is on probation for 18 months as part of the plea agreement. He also turned in his medical license.

Though he pleaded guilty to submitting false health care claims, a felony, Smith maintained the sex with the 47-year-old woman was consensual.

Adventist repaid about $5,000 to the state, David Russell, clinic administrator for the hospital said.
What a dumbass!
Don't think he's the only one doing that. There are a lot of them out there just flat out thief. Take my dentist for example: they charged my insurance for cleaning and for flossing intructions. My insurance did not pay the flossing instructions charge, they said it was my responsibility to pay. When I call the dentist office to tell them I did not ask for any flossing instructions that I'm not paying for it, they told me if the insurance did not pay, it's okay, I don't have to pay. All they're trying to do is steal some extra out of the insurance company. It's all over.


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