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Do we think with our sex organs rather than our heads?

Nov 23, 2005
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Do we think with our sex organs rather than our heads?

Here are some true stories that illustrate it. Being no angel, I have to start out with my story. As a young soldier in the US Army station in Fort Lost in the woods, I had my first experience with a prostitute. Our first weekend pass, we had just finished basic training, as thousands of our brothers in arms had done in the past we called the cab driver and he was willing to take us to a run down mobile home in the woods. When we arrived, there were two girls. One was nice the other one well lets just say she was 3 times a Lady. Naturally, we all wanted the prettier girl. Well the rest is history; all three of us came down with the clap several days later. After serving in the Army, I fell in love with a girl back home. Maybe it was not love maybe it was lust. Anyway we dated got engaged broke up and got back together again. One problem she joined the Navy. We lived together for a while she was in a delayed entry program. Boy, it was nice, too nice. Well I found myself in the Navy. It was great the night I told her I enlisted for her. I think that is why I did it. She was station in Gulfport Mississippi and I was supposed to be on a destroyer that was welded to the pier in New Orleans. It was not. The Silly Willy ( USS William C. Lawe DD 763 ) was in Charleston along side a Tender. Well as history would have it by the time I got close to Gulfport, I received a Dear John letter. Since my name is John, I did not think much about it. We were finally in New Orleans Party town USA Skinny dipping in pools after the Bars closed down. Having sex with women, we did not even know. Yes, it was wild. Then all the foreign ports, Rosy Roads, Haiti, Acapulco, St. Thomas, Panama, Yes there were girls in every port. Fast forward 30 years, I find myself here writing this. Wondering if I have any children or grandchildren living in poverty. Were any of my kids aborted? Why did I not think? Oh I guess I was but not with my head. I pray I did not cause any harm. Lord Help me. Today 4,000 babies were killed, because like me people did not use their heads to think. More stories to follow. Proving the Pro Abortion, side spends too much time thinking with their sex organs. If only we could all use our heads, there would be more people to Carry on carry on. Those are the only words I here from that song what the hell was the name of it.
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