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Do republicans love abortion?

Do republicans love abortion?

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Sep 15, 2005
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You see, i am having difficulty explaining to a few liberals in a particular thread about debating rather than making accusationg like "republicans love abortion." They just cant accept that people would not use something to further themselves politically (which is what they say republicans use abortion for).

Please explain.

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Maybe they're trying to say that Republicans don't really care about abortion because it furthers their own agenda? Well they're right. But Democrats do that also with different things. Both sides are dangerous.

BTW you seem new here not that thats a bad thing but you need to put a poll in if you have a thread in the poll section. You can probably edit one in now.
But you see, I am republican and i honestly disapprove of abortion. They are making too many hasty generalizations.

sorry i thought i added a poll. must not have submitted it when i made poll.
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wait, i see a poll does anyone else? perhaps you viewed it before i posted the poll.
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I think most of the rank-and-file Republicans truly are opposed to abortion. But among the politicians (including the President), most of them couldn't care less about it, and to the extent that they do care about it they want it to remain legal so they have an issue to run on in the future.
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