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Do Republicans Have a Plan for the Future?


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Sep 28, 2005
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When looking at the direction our country is going, im certain you must ask yourself this question. Do the Republicans have a Plan for the Future? Many issues that make me ponder this have to do with thier "plan" for Iraq. The "plan" it to stick to the original "plan". Is that really a plan for the "future"? Change is necessary, where would this country be without it? Also, one must look at the fiscal issues concerning our nation at the moment. The "plan" for the war was that the oil revenues would pay for the cost of the war. Instead, I have noticed that the future of the Social Security plan has paid for the War instead. Many people believe that this should be privatized, I ask you then, just how that is going to work for people who know nothing of the market, and don't make the kind of money to afford to pay someone for advise on it. The government refuses to address national medical insurance, as restrictions on foreign drugs cause drug costs to go through the roof, as well as medical insurance, and drug companies are making record profits. Millions and Millions of Americans are unemployed, yet the President and his party are allowing illegal immigrants to come over and take jobs he says "Americans' won't do". Many companies are forcing employees to quit smoking by a certain date or be fired because medical insurance is getting too costly. We are at war overseas, yet the government is cutting VA benefits to those who have fought in past wars in order to pay for this one. Americans here at home are suffering because the main focus of our government is a "Nation-Building" war in which the President himself said he does not agree with before being elected in 2000. The White House administration led by President Bush has come under legal scrutiny, as well as the Republican House Chair for illegal actions, and a Californian Republican congressman as well, for accepting bribes.

With all these problems, you must ask... Do the republicans really have a plan for the future??????
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