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Do Not Smoke Romaine Lettuce (1 Viewer)


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Oct 9, 2017
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It won't get you high. Not so fake news network for you pleasure.
Toss your Jenny-O turkey into the garbage can. Close the lid tight to keep the salmonella from spreading.
There goes my morning. ;)

My granddaughter woke early to watch the news with grandma, scored a hot chocolate as grandma sipped coffee. Then woke me with her knees in my stomach, after a night with grandma's cold feet squarely in my back, to tell me the important news. I rolled over and the cat bit my nose. I was officially awake if dysfunctional. I've consumed the balance of the morning discouraging the notion of eating lettuce to make us fly. I can't wait for preschool to restart after Thanksgiving.
It won't get you high. Not so fake news network for you pleasure.

Everyone knows that smoking lettuce won't get you high! But kale & chard on the other hand...... Also stinging nettle. Just wait until late spring to mid summer, find a THICK stand of nettle, strip naked, and then run through it and roll in it. Man oh man, wait til you experience THAT euphoria!

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