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Divinity: Dragon Commander

Morality Games

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Jul 14, 2009
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Premise: You're a bastard son of an emperor who has to secure the realm against his crazy siblings using a mixture of magic and steampunk technology while implementing social and economic policy with the advisors from different species to support your war apparatus and future reign.

Some people here might like this game since one aspect of it is making decisions with your councilors about your empire's social organization. Gay marriage, Unions, green industry, etc. That's the game's strongest RPG element.

Looking back on my list of decisions, I was pretty impressed with how many questions I was resolve without without approaching them from contrived in-game logic. I mean, it did interpret my refusal to allow Unions as an anti-labor measure, but I didn't necessarily see it that way (since my state was powerful enough to moderate the relations between laborers and corporations, laborers didn't need to agitate on their own behalf) but it allowed me to compensate for it with other decisions that added up to the pro-labor Elves liking me in the end.

I'm sure it helped I married their princess.
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