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Disputing Warnings/Infractions

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Disputing Warnings/Infractions​

Effective as of 9/8/09, the following provides information on how to dispute a Warning/Infraction issued by the Moderation Team.

How to dispute a Warning/Infraction (updated as of 5/10/21):

1. Click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.
2. Type "Infraction Dispute" in the 'Subject' field.
3. Reference the infraction and who it was issued by.
4. State your case as to why you feel this should be reversed.
5. Upon clicking the "Submit" button, a thread will automatically be created for Moderator Review.
6. A "Point Moderator" will send you a PM advising you that the Dispute has been received and that the team is looking into it.
7. The Point Moderator will do their best to contact you within 96 hours with the team's decision. The Point Mod will inform you specifically why the decision was reached. In rare instances, this process may take longer, but a Moderator will inform you of this via PM to assure you that it is still being discussed.

* Even though your e-mail address is listed on the "Contact Us" form, communication from the Mod Team will take place with you via PM. The e-mail address is what you are currently registered with and will not be shared with anyone.

* If your Contact Us submission states that it contains "spam like" content, make sure you haven't posted any links in the form. Link tend to trigger the "spam like" activity it is looking for. If for some reason you are unable to submit the form after removing any links, you may contact an active mod (one that has been active in the past 5 days) via PM (conversation) and they will initiate the dispute on your behalf.

What this resolves:

1. Disputes will now be clearly visible to all Mods. If the Infracting Mod is busy, out of town, etc... the rest of the Moderation Team will be able to view your Dispute in a timely manner so that there is no delay.

2. A time-line for handling Disputes is now clearly defined for all parties involved.

Things to keep in mind:

1. While civility in disputing a Warning/Infraction is not a requirement, what you post in your Dispute will be visible to all Moderators. Moderators will not be able to edit your Dispute, so what you type will be exactly what will show up when you make your case.

2. PM's regarding the Infraction sent to any Moderator during the Dispute process may or may not be addressed. It is your responsibility to state your case when you submit the Warning/Infraction Dispute.

3. The members of the Moderation Team are under no obligation to discuss the Dispute any further once a decision has been reached regarding the Dispute.

4. The Moderation Team will not initiate discussion regarding Moderator actions publicly with anyone anywhere on this forum. What is discussed among the Moderation Team and the individual poster regarding a Warning/Infraction is private and the Moderation Team will keep this information confidential. However, if a poster decides to discuss this in "Binky", the Moderation Team may comment on the discussion.

5. Do not file a Dispute with the Mod Team for any disciplinary actions that occur in the Basement. Your only recourse here is to send a PM to any member of the Basement Team (Dungeon Masters).

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