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Discussion of virus and defacement


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May 19, 2004
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This thread is to duscuss the issue of the virus and defacement that was on our system.
Thats what you get for running Linux. Bill Gates is laughing at you
vauge said:
This thread is to duscuss the issue of the virus and defacement that was on our system.

So what happened?
Well... the virus about 11am yesterday was pretty nasty. But, it didn't effect the website itself. The website stayed up during this time. We thought we had cleaned it up, but apparently it left a back door.

The defacement, which was very nasty. Took place about 10pm last night. I was working on the article system and then I was presented with two guys ...ah... well it was not pretty. Kinda funny in retrospect.

I restored this site from backup immediately. Hopefully none of you saw this. And again, hopefully all of this has been cleared from the site.

After further investigation, we noticed that the hackers deleted alot of necessary server files. So we opted to reload the server. The website restore had a few issues, but we believe we are good to do now.

There are some sad people out there!
Send me a copy of the defaced picture. I know you saved it.:eek: you dirty dog
CSA, I am sure you have something in your browser cache even better.
I am suprized one of the guys in the pic didn't take off flying.
helicopter awsome. No lucky pierre so sad. lol
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