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Discovering the world of being a "Political Junkie"

So, sometimes I go out for a fun night with my buds, but I notice, when the conversation goes towards sports, I stay very quiet. I know nothing about sports, thus, the quiet part. But then I got to thinking, Politics and Current Event Issues ARE my sports. The best example I can think of : You know when you walk into work and then someone else comes in saying "yo did you see that game last night etc etc" well for me it would be like "yo did you see that political debate last night, or that news story etc etc" and on shows where they analyze the Sh!t out of sports, instead for me its the shows that do the same for politics and analysis on elections and stuff. And if you listen to, not what they are saying, but how they say stuff, how they talk about the two, sports, and politics, many times they sound the same in a way. So yeah, I've discovered that there is an actual term for people like me, Political Junkie, and I'm looking forward to this forum.

PS: Politics though, unlike sports, are actually important. ;) You can't even argue that.
I am equally comfortable in both worlds, at least when it comes to basketball and football (aka the only two sports that matter).
LOL, i don't like to say comfortable, i prefer the term, uneducated on the subject lol. I do enjoy watching football when its on though, but i don't know jack **** about the dynamics of it and the players names and all that.
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