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Difference between free press and free speech



In a word, there is free press in "free" world, but not free speech.

(1) The essence of freedom of speech is about letting public beware of your opinions, this is where free press and freedom of speech differ.

If a journalist has an opinion on an issue, he can make public aware of it, especially those anchors, their opinions can shape how millions of people think. On the other hand, if you have an opinion, you can't make public listen to you unless media and journalists like it.

(2) To have meaningful opinions, you must not be misled or manipulated. So you must have knowledge on pro and con of the issue you want to talk about.

Because most people get most of their information from TV and Newspaper, media and journalists can control what public are aware of. They will present the pro if they like it, they will present you the con if they don't like it. In this way they can shape your opinions about certain issues, so you will say what they want you to say.

(3) If government controls TV and Newspaper, they control what issues open to public, pro or con; they can suppress opinions they don't like. Unlike 40, 50 years ago when they blocked the information, now they don't block all complains, but keep such opinions away from public's attention.

(4) "free" media, means that media and journalists control TV and Newspaper; control what issues become public topic, pro or con (free from punishment if misleading and manipulating); control what issues will get public attention. Simply speaking, let them control public opinions and public information.

As 99.9% of the information is provided by media, censorship is not necessary.
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