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Did Russia just put a new weapon in orbit? Mysterious launch prompts new concerns (1 Viewer)


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On Friday, the U.S. Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) tracked a scheduled Russian rocket launch from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Western Russia. The rocket was slated to deliver a payload of three new communications satellites, and as it roared into the sky, everything appeared to be going exactly as anticipated… but once the rocket reached its orbital destination nearly two hours later, the U.S. military noticing something unusual.
With three satellites to deploy and a rocket upper stage tasked with carrying them there, the Combined Space Operations Center expected to begin tracking four orbital bodies at the peak of the rocket’s ascent. To their surprise, however, their instruments returned a reading of five objects instead. Either the rocket’s upper stage had broken apart into two large chunks… or the Russians had chosen to keep part of the launch’s manifest a secret.

Those sneaky Russians.
Nah...it's just Trump's golden shower tapes. I guess he finally paid up. :lol:

A joke has to have an element of truth to be funny, but some comedians laugh at their own jokes in spite of the lack of it.
A joke has to have an element of truth to be funny, but some comedians laugh at their own jokes in spite of the lack of it.

Oh, come on, American, that was very funny. Take the stick out for two seconds, will you? I even put the laughy face at the end so as to convey I wasn't being serious.

(Or, it was secret code to the Deep State that the tapes, have in fact, been sent into space, and we can finally send our secret Lefty space fleet to retrieve them.)

To address the most accurate statement in your Debbie Downer response: I laugh at all my jokes, I'm funny AF. :lamo
This looks like a job for........

In all seriousness, though, I think that it's pretty safe to assume that a lot of covert stuff is launched fairly regularly.

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