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Did Kenosha police want protesters to be "handled" by militia?


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Nov 10, 2016
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Militia member says Kenosha police sought to push protesters toward them on night of deadly shootings | MinnPost
This is one of several articles I have read that said the same thing, a militia member reported that the militia's were told that the police would move/shove the protesters toward the militia and then leave allowing the militia to take care of the protesters. I would have said this was hogwash, but after seeing the police talking to the militia members and giving out bottles of water, it makes me think that this might actually be true. If this is true, by pushing the protesters toward the militia the police are responsible for the deaths that have occurred. The police had to know that such a move could/would turn violent. Maybe instead of a 17 year old being charged with murder, the police who seemingly allowed this to happen should be on trial. Of course it could all be hogwash as i have mentioned, but even so, this ought to be investigated by the state an even the Feds don't you think?
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