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Did Hijacked Plane Destroy London Air Fuel Depot?



Oil Inferno In London Outskirts

Don't you find it suspicious that a blast hit Buncefield fuel depot only a few days after al-Jazeera TV network had resounded an order of Iman az-Zavaheri, one of the al-Qaeda leaders, addressing all mojaheds worldwide to "attack oil-processing facilities" of infidels.

As we can see, some had taken his words too literally, because in the first part of his statement, az-Zavaheri was talking of al-Q's achievements in Iraq and one could think he meant attacking Iraqi oil production facilities. Well, Iraq.... it's so far away that all that's happening there seem to be in absolutely no connection to our everyday life...

But no, in no time all of a sudden Iraq war violated our calm lives and became so close that you hardly believe it. Of course, the police and official spokesmen will assure us it was a mere accident. But let's argue with logic, accidents of this scale are highly unlikely. And there MUST be somebody who saw a plane hitting fuel deport. I'm sure we'll hear from them soon. The only thing we do not know - where next "accident" takes place.

Someone would have noticed a missing plane, dear. It's not as if you can drop it down the side of the couch.
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Re: Oil Inferno In London Outskirts

So I suppose that you reckon that Cheynobol, Piper Alpha, and other major accidents were started by terrorists?

Planes don't just go missing, are you really that paranoid that you think that government would cover up a plane crash?

Disasters happen because of technical failures, poor maintanence, and human error. Nothing sinister about that.
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