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Did Administration Leak Classified Information? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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Jay Rockefeller, who is vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has sent John Negroponte, the Director of National Intelligence, a letter charging the Bush administration with leaking classified information on various occasions. The purpose of leaking the information was to help push certain administration policies. Rockefeller also charges that, in light of this information, it is hypocritical for Bush to demand an investigation on who leaked information that damaged him.

While some say that, because Rockefeller is a Democrat, that he has an axe to grind, other sources say otherwise.

As the title of this thread suggests, this is in the form of a question. Is Rockefeller's charge true? The links are below. You click - You decide.

I. Index

Main Article.

Rockefeller letter to Negroponte.

Scooter Libby's and Stephen Hadley's relationship to Bob Woodward.

Cheney's authorization for Libby to leak classified material.

Court paper showing information on Wilson's ***** trip may have been in a PDB.

Cheney and Libby both informed by CIA that the Iraq uranium charge was bogus.

Full set of correspondence showing information on Wilson and Plame may have been in a PDB.
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The Executive Branch controls classified information and can release any classified information it chooses to.

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