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Dick Morris Writes Another Anti-Hillary Book (1 Viewer)

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Oct 5, 2005
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I got this NewsMax.com. Thought some of you would be interested.

Dick Morris:
Only Condi Can
Stop Hillary!

The anticipated new book by Dick Morris -- "Condi vs. Hillary" -- has just been released!

NewsMax has among the first copies of Dick Morris' new book -- and two great offers for it:

--Get It Cheaper Than Amazon - Go Here
(offer not for current/former subscribers to NewsMax Magazine)

--Get the book AUTOGRAPHED by Dick Morris FREEE! - Go Here

What's Inside "Condi vs. Hillary":

Few people really know Hillary Clinton. Dick Morris is one of them.

He was a friend and the Clintons' most trusted political adviser for more than two decades, but he defected from their camp.

Now Morris is warning America - in his newest book co-authored with his wife Eileen McGann - that Hillary Rodham Clinton will become president of the United States in 2008 ... unless she is stopped.

He says she can be stopped.

But first we must face the facts.

In "Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race," Morris argues that in 2008 Hillary has the "undeniable advantage" to win both the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

Dick Morris
Despite this frightening news, Dick Morris says there is a way she can be defeated, her ambition checked once and for all.

Morris says only one person in the GOP has the charisma, credentials and voter appeal to stop Hillary.

That person is Condoleezza Rice.

Morris argues in his sensational book that only Condi, of all the GOP hopefuls, can both win the GOP nomination and beat Hillary.

Still, Morris predicts it will not be easy, but a bitter, grueling fight for the White House.

For sure, "Condi vs. Hillary" is a must read for those who really want to know the inside secrets of Hillary Clinton and her unbridled ambition.

It is also a must read for those who want to know the real story about Condi and why she must reconsider her position and run for president.

In their book, Morris and McGann reveal for the first time Hillary's long-ago-hatched, secret plan to become the first woman president of the United States.

Shockingly, Morris says that soon after Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, Hillary convened her and her husband's top political advisers and stunned them by announcing her intention of becoming president - and her desire to succeed Bill in the Oval Office.

But Morris wasn't surprised by Hillary's thirst for power.

Soon upon her arrival at the White House, Hillary tried unsuccessfully to have Vice President Al Gore tossed out of his office so that she, the First Lady, could occupy the office next to the Oval Office.

As Dick Morris also details in this book, as early as 1989 when Bill was still governor of Arkansas and Hillary was an unknown lawyer from Little Rock, Morris realized that Hillary herself wanted to be president!

As Morris relates in "Condi vs. Hillary," Hillary asked Morris to undertake secret polling to see if she could succeed Bill as governor of Arkansas, a step that would make her a presidential candidate in her own right.

The results of Morris poll - detailed in the book - shocked and hurt Hillary.

At that time, she made a vow to herself and Dick Morris, one that would shape her role during the Clinton presidential years and lay the groundwork for her own plans to become the most powerful person in the world.

--Get this book cheaper than Amazon! Go Here Now

--Get this book Autographed and FREEE! Go Here Now

There is little that Morris and McGann won't tell in "Condi vs. Hillary."

Those that scoff at the idea Hillary can be president should read Morris' book. Your mind may be changed.

In this tell-all, Morris and McGann reveal:

--Hillary's secret 2008 campaign: She has already raised millions for it - and incredibly, has even locked up 20 percent of the Democratic primary delegates! (You won't read this in the New York Times!)

--Hillary's ties to "Pardongate," which helped her raise money for her 2000 Senate bid.

--How the Clintons' "Rolodex of millions" has made them the most powerful Democrats in America.

--Bill Clinton's secret role as Hillary's media consigliere.

--Cat tricks: Hillary cleverly avoids getting photographed with Ted Kennedy.

--Hillary's reinvention - how she has changed her image and politics - and why one poll even had 33 percent of conservatives supporting her.

--Unmasked: Despite the masquerading, Hillary remains a hardcore liberal -- for partial birth abortion, for more taxes, for lifting the travel ban to Cuba, for more union power and worse.

--Morris's advice to Hillary on how to emulate Margaret Thatcher - and how Hillary has taken the advice!

--Why Hillary's "Living History" was the ultimate "chutzpah."

--Hillary's two agendas in 2008; one involves Bill.

--Surprise: Morris says Hillary may actually drop out of the New York Senate race. (Morris reveals a private conversation with Terry McAuliffe about this.)

--2004 Games: The Clintons cleared the way for their 2008 run by sabotaging the Kerry campaign.

--Why Hillary has become scandal-proof and the old complaints over Whitewater just won't work against her.

--And much, much more.

--Get this book cheaper than Amazon! Go Here Now

--Get this book Autographed and FREEE! Go Here Now

In "Condi vs. Hillary" Morris and McGann explain blow-by-blow how the 2008 presidential race will unfold.

The authors argue that one group - the "ultimate" swing voters - will pick the next president.

That swing group is women voters.

And as Morris and McGann say, only one GOP candidate can win her party's nomination - and cut enough into the women's vote to win.

That's where Condi Rice comes in to save the day.

As Morris and McGann explain, Condi is the perfect "antithesis" to Hillary and all she stands for.

While Condi earned her success on her merits, Hillary rode Bill's coattails.

In "Condi vs. Hillary" you'll find out:

--The former Clinton Cabinet member who goes on the record for the first time in Morris' book to say Republican Condi Rice will take an unprecedented 40 percent of the black vote in 2008.

--How Condi will generate huge support among women, blacks and Hispanics - insuring a GOP victory.

--Condi's real-life experience fighting the "war on terror" makes her the presumptive heir to the Bush presidency.

--Condi never held elected office, but could easily join other great American presidents who hadn't held office either.

--The childhood vow Condi made to her father that someday she'd live in "that house" - the White House.

--Race: How her election to the presidency will be the final battle of the Civil War, break the glass ceiling and affirm America's vision of equality for all.

--Condi and Bush: why they really hit it off (and it has little to do with politics).

--Condi's fervent Second Amendment views and why she really believes in gun rights.

--The real Condi you haven't read about in the liberal papers, and much, much more.

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--Get this book Autographed and FREEE! Go Here Now

In "Condi vs. Hillary," Morris and McGann lay out a persuasive case that Condi is the best candidate the GOP can muster to win in 2008 - and that efforts must be made to draft her.

The Internet, the authors say, has changed the course of elections.
It may be crucial for changing the political landscape in 2008 and beyond - and it just might stop Hillary from ever entering the Oval Office as she desperately wants to.

Get this book if you just want to find out about Hillary and Condi.

But if you agree with Dick Morris, you can vote for Condi by getting a copy of this book. As it drives to the top of the bestseller lists, you can send a powerful message to Condi: Run Condi, Run!

--Get this book cheaper than Amazon! Go Here Now

--Get this book Autographed and FREEE! Go Here Now

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