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Destroyed three American tanks and killing all its troops in Afghanistan yesterday


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Jun 1, 2010
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According to news arrivals of the Directorate of Marjh Helmand province for the destruction of (3) tanks for the American forces as a result of roadside bombs planted, followed by an armed attack in Afghanistan.

Adds the news in the eleventh hour of noon yesterday destroyed two tanks and one after the other in the area of Wen C. Black directorate in question, when a bomb exploded in the Journal of enemy military and then an armed attack them, resulting in the destruction of one of the tanks improvised explosive device planted, and aimed at the tank second 82-mm shell and completely destroyed, as was killed and all the American soldiers there.

In a similar vein, destroyed a third tank of U.S. forces by an improvised explosive device area of Wardak BlackBerry same Directorate, and kill all the American soldiers. Adds the news that it had been an armed attack on American soldiers who were transporting the dead from the tank destroyer, which resulted in damage to them overpriced
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