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Describe your sex life using only the name of a TV shows


Jesus loves you.
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Jan 8, 2010
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I will go first:

Leave it to beaver
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The Price is Right

How I Met Your Mother

Three's Company

Strangers with Candy

Burn Notice.
Strangers with Candy
:rofl So true! I have that whole series on DVD

Three's Company


Handy Manny


Bamboo Blade

Big Stuff

Knight Rider

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For the hillbillies among us:

Family Matters

Brotherly Love
Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Everyday Italian

60 minutes

good eats

father knows best

Bully Beatdown

Silent Library
wife swap

whale wars

3 2 1 contact

Mr Wizard

You can't do that on television!

double dare
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Ax Men

Deadliest Catch (without the crabs)

Transformers (there's more than meets the eye)
Poker after dark
"Lie to Me for a little Sex and the City"? That's what I thought all those Desperate Housewives wanted last Saturday Night Live , so I was Two and a Half Men hoping to get a lil' Hot in Cleveland. A few shots of Firefly later, and we're back at my House; however, Mythbusters showed America's Next Top Model that I was totally Smallville, and she disappeared Without a Trace. Oh well, looks like a little Private Practice. I sure hope I don't end up all WWE Monday Night Raw.
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