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Democrats win House race in New Mexico

Rogue Valley

Nulla Misericordia
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Apr 18, 2013
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Democrats win House race in New Mexico, have now gained 39 seats

Democrat Xochitl Torres Small has defeated Republican Yvette Herrell in one of the nation's last outstanding House races, New Mexico's secretary of state certified Tuesday morning. The official result brings the total number of Democratic gains in the House to 39 seats, with one race outstanding, according to CNN's count. As of midday Tuesday, CNN had yet to project a result in California's 21's Congressional District, where Democrat TJ Cox pulled ahead of Republican Rep. David Valadao on Monday evening.
Torres Small's win would swing a GOP-held seat for Democrats, bringing the party control over all three New Mexico US House seats.

The Wave keeps on rollin. If the California 21st falls, that will add up to 40 new Democrat House seats, the most since the 45 new Democrat seats of the post-Watergate midterms in 1972.
More impressive is the popular vote margin.
And far behind the 63 Republican seat gains in 2010. :lamo

Get used to the new House Speaker!

MTAtech said:
More impressive is the popular vote margin.
Huh, the election was decided by a few hundred votes.
I was referring to the midterm elections, which wasn't decided by a few hundred votes. I don't know what you were referring to.

Democrats got over 8.8 million more votes than Republicans, the most in history. That's roughly an 8.5% margin more. If it wasn't for so many districts being gerrymandered, the Dems would have won more than 40 seats.
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