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Democrats and republicans conspire to weaken the USA even more with new immigration b (1 Viewer)


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Sep 13, 2005
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I am amazed and appalled at what the people we are sending to Washington are doing with illegal immigration in this country. They are about to open the flood gates to a disastrous flood of illegal immigration that is going to threaten many areas of our country, ecumenics not being the least of our worries. Both the Democrats and the Republicans fail to see the future problems these new laws (which are essentially not laws at all) are going adversely effect the nation. I worked for several years with the INS as an interpreter/interrogator and translator, and have seen first had the problems we are facing and others we will be facing in the future.

Illegal immigration any where any time is a criminal act. That is why it is called illegal immigration. When I lived in Spain I did the same job for the Spanish Border Patrol and Immigration Service. I signed deportation orders for as many Americans as others. They would always say "Come on! We're both Americans. Give me a break." No breaks for people who commit illegal acts not even family. If you start that you are opening the situation to total chaos.. It is a criminal act and should not be rewarded at all. Instead here we let them stay or ignore that they are even here. They are given jobs by companies who don't want to pay a living wage to native workers (this is happening not only here but in Western Europe and Japan as well). It is simply greed that fuels this. It has nothing to do with "being kind" to the less fortunate. There are Americans who are poor who would accept these jobs if they paid a living wage. Would it cost us more? On the surface it might seem so but when all the other factors are figured in it wouldn't hurt us at all.

Right off it is putting a heavier burden on our already inadequate public health care system. that the system can handle and in the near future it is likely to collapse. It is a system design to help the worse off of our own people. By extending it to hundreds of thousands of non-citizen is not figured into the budget nor the infrastructure of the system. How long can it go on before it craps out? Not forever that's certain.

We have only so much room, so many jobs and so much money in this country and the treasury is not a bottomless money pit.

Both parties want to offer amnesty. This is a terrible idea. We have done this twice before and all it has done is to bring even larger waves of illegal immigrants into the country. Amnesty not only doesn't work, it works against us. Other nations are having the same problem. Think about what message an amnesty sends. Tell me if that is a good idea or not. OK enough for one post. I have a lot more to say but I'll save it for later and here from all of you on this very important subject.

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