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Democrats and Republicans are one party + media helps pump up this partisan charade (1 Viewer)


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Jul 25, 2005
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Questioning the status quo is essential to democracy. But most people dont realize that our world is set up for us to be followers.

Im a moderate libertarian. And I dont take anything at face value because I will question it no matter who is telling me something. I dont agree with the Libertarian Party on every issue, but when you unlift the veil behind the corrupt system of today you find that the Democrats and the Republicans differ very little when it comes to acting on their promises. The Democrats and Republicans are the same on almost every issue. I call them things like the RepubliCRATS and the DemoblICANS for that reason. They put on this act as though they are different and like they have our intrests in mind but the only reason why nothing gets done is because they cant agree. Its really quite brilliant. The reality is that nothing gets done to help the public and the common man unless it helps the corporations who get them all elected. Follow the money people. Unfortunatly corporate greed and good public policy rarely go hand in hand.

In contrast to the clowns of today, who promise nothing of value and deliver nothing of value, libertarians are far more conservative than these clowns economically and offer far more rational public social policy.

Libertarian philosophy is about individual freedom and getting the federal government out of the life of the individual, Jeffersonian principles. Libertarians want a less overbearing federal government, meaning lowering taxes by cutting wasteful bureaucracies, restoring civil liberties, ending the welfare state, eliminating pork spending and pet legislation that is a part of the corporatocracy we live under.

A huge part of today's corrupt system is the corporate media, which is made up of massive corporations that control many companies in every industry on earth. Just google it and you will be amazed by who own what. And Fox News is the gleaming centerpiece of this corporatocracy suck fest because of their hyperpartisan charade they help promote. They help control public opinion, by the most blantant means yet. They dont just do the old tell us what to think about this channel spouts opinion and has blatantly crossed the barrier into telling people how to think.

I have almost equal anger at every corporate media outlet b/c they are all screwing this country, but Fox is the worst. Fox News sucks the most because they are the most blantantly partisan.

Yes of course all the networks pump up the hyperpartisan charade. OF COURSE!!! They are all corporate media scum with the same end game. Money, power, influence and control over the masses. But Fox does it the most, if you dont think Fox is the most partisan you are joking yourself.

Fox is #1 for a reason. Its just a reflection of what the masses want from cable news. Clearly Fox is #1 because people like opinion stated as fact. And especially by figures of "moral authority" and they appeal to a crowd that wants conservative opinion managed into neat little pre-spewed opinion packages. This is clear. And most people like being told how to think, this is clear, because most of them dont have the time, desire, and in some cases ability to sort out complicated issues. Im not some pompous know it all, I actually think most people would grasp it, they just dont have the means to do it since their government and news sources are corrupted spin doctors.

You dont wake up one day and realize this government and the corporate media is screwing us over a barrel.... someone has to inform you and then you have to think about it for yourself and form your own viewpoint.

I am not truly directing my anger at the mindless drones of the public, I am angry at the whole damn system, not the average voter. Most people are super busy and just live their lives oblivious as I once did. Naturally they expect their sources of news and their government not to lie to them 24/7, but this is all theyre doing.

Liars with horrible policies and they aren't thinking about our future. They see disasters and react. They dont lead! They are reactionary fools. Meanwhile they get rich and screw this country for their own selfish purposes.

I think that everyone should vote, but the system has brainwashed them into voting for the same corrupt scumbags every 4 years. And Fox is the centerpiece of this con game known as partisan behavior and especially this con game known as conservative thought.

What in the hell would the republican right wing be conserving I ask? What the hell is the democratic left wing liberating us from? Nothing! and Nothing!

Ultra Liberals Democrats and Ultra Conservative Republicans might as well stop the charade, they are all in it for money and personal gain. They have abandoned the people and democracy. Its become an uber-corrupt corporatocracy.

What The **** are they conserving???

Not our tax dollars, not our constitution, not our property rights, not our privacy laws, not our economy, not our environment, not the small business environment.

How the **** are they liberating us from bad policies?

They all take money from companies that pollute the earth like its a toilet. They dont protect civil liberties. They all take their scripted side on the issues they dangle in front of stupid puss bags like a parade. Racial issues, abortion, gay marrage, etc. These are all fronts, none of these issues will see new legislation, as they shouldn't!

Elements of true conservative thought has great things going for it in many ways: like cutting taxes and getting the federal government to assume a more limited role in the individuals life, just like true elements of liberal thought have some great ideas in many ways: we need to start worrying about toxifying our environment and stop locking people up for using weed when they have cancer.

But right now they are all the same, mainstream conformist liars who want you take sides blindly so they can spend more and do whatever they want without you thinking about it. Its not that individual politicians dont have great things in mind when they go into politics as a career, its just that once they get in power, the money ties them down into the same crap. The special intrests and industries who have money are big & corporate and corrupt as hell, these are the people who get them elected and re-elected through our legalized form of bribery known as the campaign finance system. Then these insider lobbyist clowns negotiate their no bid contracts and pet legislation. Meanwhile these corrupt elected officials dont do anything to plan ahead and lead us blindly into the future. They dont lead today, they only react.

This government sucks, they are working for the corporations and they all fool stupid cable news viewers and average citizens into thinking its a democracy with our interests in mind. They are reactionary fools who dont lead and only pass legislation if it helps the big corporations who get them elected. If you are one of the tens of millions who have decided not vote because its so corrupt that you cant bear to do it anymore, then vote for a third party. By voting for other parties you weaken their support, and hopefully spur change in the political norms of today. We have to try. Its better than being one of the countless drones who vote for them or one of those who have been discouraged from voting at all by their outrageous levels of ineptitude and corruption.
We have two major parties, correct. But, the animosity between the two parties is very real.

Minority parties will have their day, but I think not in our lifetimes.

I admire and respect Libertarians, and I hope sometime that we can have them as our leadership, There will be snowballs in Hell, first, I fear~
1SGRet said:
We have two major parties, correct. But, the animosity between the two parties is very real.

Minority parties will have their day, but I think not in our lifetimes.

I admire and respect Libertarians, and I hope sometime that we can have them as our leadership, There will be snowballs in Hell, first, I fear~

There is nothing real about their animosity.They are one party that puts on a show for us.

The fact is that it "looks real" when WWE wrestlers fight, and it looks real when David Copperfield disappears from sight. But its all an act, if you could see past that you would be ahead of the masses by lightyears.

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