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Democrat Kerry Slams Bush's 'Excuse Presidency'


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May 19, 2004
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Source:Yahoo News

DETROIT (Reuters) - Democratic candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) unleashed a harsh indictment of President Bush (news - web sites)'s economic stewardship on Wednesday and urged his Republican rival to take responsibility instead of playing the victim.

Trailing in national polls seven weeks before the Nov. 2 election and heeding advisers who have urged him to be more forceful, Kerry rejected Bush's perfect storm defense -- recession, war and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks -- of the tepid economic performance in the United States.

"The president would have us believe that his record is the result of bad luck, not bad decisions, that he's faced the wrong circumstances, not made the wrong choices," Kerry said in excerpts of remarks prepared for delivery at the Detroit Economic Club, a traditional forum for presidential candidates.

This man will say anything. No matter how much it doesn't make sense. Of course 911 was bad luck. It's STILL taking an effect on our economy. But, we are coming back.
Of course 911 was bad luck.

Vauge, I'm going to have to address this remark and once I've said my peace, I think you'll agree.

911 was not bad luck. 911 was a long time coming. Due to the mistakes made by previous administrations, we had it coming. We let them attack military target after military target and did nothing more than slap the terrorists on the wrist.

A wise man once said that they came after civilians when they figured out we'd do nothing about them hitting military targets.

Perhaps, if previous administrations had taken a lesson from rounds we went with Libya, we wouldn't have had 911.

So, 911 wasn't bad luck. 911 was a holdover from a presidency that didn't have the balls to actually get in the game of international politics and take it seriously.
This statement I agree 100% with.

We let them attack military target after military target and did nothing more than slap the terrorists on the wrist.

This statement I do not.
we had it coming.

911 was clearly the terrorists fault. It was not and never will be our fault. The 2800+ victims didn't deserve to die due to an adminstrations mess up. We did however learn a lesson which took many many years. The issue started way back in the 70's when Carter was giving into the demands of airplane hijackers in Israel to get our people back. It worked once, and within the first 30 days(?) of Reagan administration we got our hostiges. It has escalated ever since. You give an inch, they demand a mile.

We now know not to negotiate with these scum. Unfortunatly it will take many more deaths in Iraq, Afganistan, and Isreal before they figure this out. Is it our fault that theses guys have a f*cked up sense of morals or values? Absolutely not.

We have assumed since the end of the cold war that we have the big toys and they wouldn't mess with us on our home soil. Our arrogance became our weakest point.

If a man walked into a bank every day to do normal banking with a newspaper under his arm every day for a year, he becomes a familiar site. The bank knows that he had hung around other bank robbers in the past or even was good friends of them still. The compacancy of seeing him every day dilutes the fact that he may be a problem. One day that newspaper that he always had under his arm has a plasic gun in it. He shoots an old lady or 3 year boy.

Is it the banks fault because the thought police didn't catch him at the door?

Did "Wells Fargo" or "Bank of America" have it coming when they had no absolute proof of his intensions regardless of his record or companions?
Hmmmmm... may I offer the real reason 911 took place?

It is not because they are poor.

It is not because we (the west) have so much.

Truth is they don't want what we have.

The Muslims who embrace terror are killing us because they believe in Sharia. Sharia is the "Law of God". To them it is the only legitimate form of government and they see our "freedom" as oppression. To them freedom is freedom from the temptation of sin. They believe that if one has the freedom to sin he will and thus they support a governmental system that never accepts sin and even punishes it. Their goal is to convert all governments to Sharia. That is a governmental system wrapped around one religion "Islam" with all legal matters handled by clerics and religious holy man.

They seek to kill us because they see our society and our freedom as evil as measured against their dogma. They don't want there daughters growing up to pose in Playboy and they don't want their sons tempted by the abject sensuality in our society.

A wise man once said that: " the terrorists need more sex and less religion and we need more religion and less sex." I think he is exactly right.

We will never stop them from wanting to kill us. No matter how "nice" we are to them. But we can reduce their numbers to the point that their attempts will be few and far between. Primarily we do this by killing them before they kill us.
Thank you MSR.

That is without question the BEST argument I have read about Muslims and terrorism.
MSR, what are your sources.

Perhaps you might consider throwing some material on the suggested reading list. I feel it would be valuable.
Do a internet search on Sharia. You will get a lot of places to look. I took a course on world religions in the last few years and we spent a lot of class time on Sharia. Bottom-line: Muslim extremists believe that Sharia should be practiced by all nations.
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