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Deed Restricted Communities


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May 20, 2005
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Brandon, Florida
I see where Sean Hannity of Fox had a couple on tonight who were from Majestic Oaks in Ocala, Florida. That was the community which told it's residents they couldn't house evacuated "familes" from New Orleans because of their covenants restricting the use of homes to "single families". A few of the residents objected and it made national headlines.

Tonight the two residents told Hannity that the H.O.A. had said it had "made a mistake" in interperting the covenants, and that they were welcoming the residents to house the evacuated families.

Actually, I checked my covenants and low and behold there is a restriction which states that the community is entirely comprised of single family houses and residents are not allowed to house "more than one family" in their homes. Only immediate family members are allow to reside in a home.

This covenant is essential to guard against people renting out their homes to people who have no vested interest in the value of the properties in a community.

The Ocala community who reminded their residents of this covenant didn't make a mistake. They were pressured to say it was by a few idiots who would also be the first to complain if their next door neighbor took in a poor family who needed a place to sleep and watch TV. The first night the teenagers stayed up all night and roamed the streets, I'm sure, would send them straight to their attorneys to study the covenants. Liberals are living in a fantasy world.
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