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Debate Polits Forum: Cultsmasher says HYPOCRITES!!!

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Nov 17, 2014
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Bias in the media? How about the bias here. HYPOCRITES! Apparently "intolerance" won't be tolerated. Like it or not, ethnicity exists. Which means that ETHNICITY MATTERS! Deal with it. You can't separate ethnicity from politics. Pretending that it has no relevance is sheer stupidity. In a way, this forum is no different than a religious forum that doesn't allow Atheist talk. If you say anything that has to do with any race, they label it as "hate" speech. But what is far more hateful and destructive is labeling the truth as "hate."

I started a thread that was apparently deleted. In it, I said true things about negroes. No doubt negroes would find it offensive. But if what you have to say isn't offensive to some people, then chances are that what you have to say has no real value. Whoever comes to this site can talk about varoius political issues until they're blue in the face. But if you're not allowed to talk about the root causes of things, you're just waisting your time. So Debate Politics Forum, if you don't like it, suck "it!" Change your dumb ass rules!

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Get this Nazi garbage out of here.
In before flush.
OP feels inadequate.

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