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Death Penalty,Medicare,New Drug Plan, Abortion & Republicans


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Nov 4, 2005
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Think for a moment. Our tax dollars don't go all that far anymore now do they? Is there a reason for this? Yes, it's called wasteful and irresponsible spending. By whom might you ask, the Democratic or Republican Party? I
will not, nor could I, nor could you, with total accuracy tell which one has the most brownie points for it's involvment on where our society is today.
The day has come when YOU must become involved in stopping the frivilous spending, for example "The Bridge To Nowhere" in Alaska. This
bridge will serve a community of ONLY 50. At a cost in the millions. It should be cut from next years budget. If your pro life, and I would be if I knew that our convictions as a nation stood to feed all those in need. We have all had a moment in our lives when things were rough, and we needed a little extra help. Your Mom, Dad, Brother or Grandma were around to help you. Not all are so fortunate. And they make mistakes as I'm sure some of you have. Or a friend has, or a relative has.

This is where the Medicare and New Prescription Drug Plans come into play with the Republican Leadership. They have grossly miscalculated without
consideration that perhaps more time is needed to find a fix, that funding will run out by 2030. Well, that's a helluva lot of time to rethink a draft rather than jumping into something that society is going to regret. Maybe not you, but your children will. And if you will be part of their problem when they have to feed themselves, you, and possibly Grandma, Grandpa or both. And do this on what will have to be a TWO PERSON INCOME. And whose going to watch the little one's if you decide to have a family? I shudder to think that the 16, 17 & 18 year olds will then be forced to wind down their studies to supplement the family pantry. And with that goes the
educated work force this country is going to need to keep pace with those countries that are gaining on us. Are you aware of where we stand? Get educated and read up folks. The Auto Industry is about to be overtaken, and so isn't the energy industry.
Now, with the Medicare fiasco, more individuals will die than those given the death penalty. For lack of medication while the current plan irons out all of the problems which will happen. There is no question this is going to occur. This is however what the government is actually hoping for. It will in
effect begin to even out numbers of those entering by those "departing".
Abortion? If your pro-life you just added another mouth to feed. Yes, it's awful to have to be realistic. But someone has to pay the expenses of this child. And it's well beyond just food and water. It's all of the expenses if the mother is single and disabled. And there are many. What do you propose to fix this? Are you willing to pay more in taxes to help out? It will, and I say this as a logical answer, that you will have NO CHOICE in the matter. Taxes are taxes, unless you want all H#ll to break out.
You can't have it both way's. Are you willing to pay for your statement of right to life? Yes, there needs to be a limit on when abortion can no longer take place. That's been medically determined.
As for Religion. It does not belong in the debate. That's a personal issue, period. Get real, there are many Religions and one should not, nor ever will dominate another. It will not, nor will it be tolerated by those in the minority. You have seen this in Iraq. And in many other countries. You can avoid reality, but it's the stupid, weak, and lazy approach. You have to stop thinking just about you, you must stop being aligned with just one political party. They both have their flaws. What is happening now is the beginning of a total mess. The end is nowhere in sight. And it's time to cut back on the garbage coming out of Washington. It's time for new ideas brought in by new people. Those in the highest level of government are so out of tune with what's going on, they can't leave the past. To run a country you must set goals for the nation that benefits all. Our government has become so
engrossed in petty ideology that more pressing issues are being ignored.
I could care less about gay marriage, and sex scandals. What has gone on in the past year makes the issues of Clinton and Nixon lame by comparison. It's all politics and theirs a price to pay for time wasted that we can't afford to lose right now.

The death penalty? If you won't pay for the child who you feel has the right to be born by outlawing abortion, then you should also feel compelled to be pro life in terms of those given the death penalty. A child born into a family that cannot provide for them is more likely to turn to crime and eventually many of them will end up on death row, or become a part of societies problems. You will pay for that, as will your children and theirs.

By being pro life and pro death penalty, you get it both way's. Let them live until we convict them to die. Good grief!

I intend to vote no on incumbent in the next election. I will vote for the next best person, my way of change, also by asking others to do so, to show that we own the government, and that they do not own us now, as it appears to be heading full throttle.
It's so easy to relax your mind and follow the leader(s). On the front page of Nov 30th, a Denver Newspaper was a photo of the President kissing Marilyn Musgrave at a poltical fundraiser. Private from the public. No. Did the paper have a right to publish the photo? Yes. Was it poor judgement on both of them? Yes. Is it contradictory to what is deemed appropriate? No.
Does it set a poor example for children, will it send the message that this
is appropriate behavior no matter where or with whom you do this, i.e. the workplace, schoolyard? I believe it does. This is your leader who hails from a State and as it's former Governor who has executed more than any other.
This is the Leader of what once was a nation that was looked up to, not down on, This is a President who has without a doubt destroyed most advances that previous administrations have achieved. This is a President who had embarrased this nation abroad with his indignation and lack of courtesy. This is a President who has destroyed the American image. And it is the Republican Leadership that is more interested in themselves than the nation as a whole. And it is the Democrats who have stood by and let it happen, sadly so, they in all honesty cannot be held at fault as they are in the minority. The current polls show that maybe the intelligence that was here in the past has revived itself, and pulled it's head up from the sand.
So there you have it. Anti Abortion adds, and Medicare, The New Drug Plan and it's major flaws along with the death penalty subtracts to level the future playing field. Conspiracy? No. Be prepared to pay with the current
tax plans proposed for you. Somebody has got to pay for this. Do me one favor tho, send a message to stop the "bridge to nowhere". Senator Stevens said he would resign if it was cut from the budget. It's never to late, they can take it out if we protest. Force him to honor his word if the
bridge is indeed cut. We opened our hearts, wallets and compassion to those in need here and around the world. His arrogance is indefensible.
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