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Days end.

Saturday....first day of the work week here; Sometimes I can equate Saturday here to a really long weekend frat party.....people barely move on the day after the "weekend", if you want to call half of Thursday and Friday a weekend.
Went to get the interpreters at the front gate this morning at 07:30.....they finally stumbled in at 08:15. Excuse? "My phone alarm went off late" :roll: M'kay....don't let it happen again ( same excuse every Saturday ). I am strongly considering changing the report time on Saturday to 06:30...In Afghanistan, it appears that money isn't the only thing with an exchange rate....even time flows differently. I tell my wife this is the last year I am doing this. I have said that 8 times already. First time was in 2008. I think I stay for the food.
No, that's a lie....its definitely for the money. When I retired from the Army, I told myself I was NEVER going back. 30 days into retirement I was bouncing off the walls when I got an e-mail from a PMC corporate recruiter "So, I see you just retired...want to go to Africa this weekend?" Me: 'Sure, why not"....after 90 days in Rwanda, I went home and literally got a call fro the same recruiter, "So, you just got back...want to go to Afghanistan this weekend?" Me: "Sure, why not". Me: "Wife,Im going back to Afghanistan"..Wife: "The hell you are" Me: "This is what they offered to pay me" Wife: "I'll pack your bag".
So....here I am. And I am sick of curry; does Domino's deliver by air?
So does PMC refer to the corporation or to "private military company"? Just curious.
nota bene;bt4185 said:
So does PMC refer to the corporation or to "private military company"? Just curious.

Yes, PMC does indeed private military Company....though I think the term has been tossed about a bit too freely; When people hear "PMC" they automatically think of companies like Black Water and such.

Though many companies shy away from PMC as they do not provide former soldiers for "Door kicking" operations....the stereotypical cowboys running around like the worst Hollywood soldiers of fortune.
Many companies, such as the one I am employed by under the State Department, provide technical and advanced training in a variety of fields...medical, communications, agricultural assistance, logistics, Judicial, EOD, etc.

Ultimately, the goal is to build internal infrastructure to the point that the host nation is no longer dependent upon the US or the UN.
And that is a worthy goal. Thank you for the explanation; I know very little but can appreciate how valuable this is. I'm glad that you're being well paid and am sorry about the curry. I'm not saying that I'd wish a fast-food chain on another country, but I do wish Domino's made an occasional air delivery for you!;)
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