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David Koch Won’t Fund Trump Coronation in Cleveland (1 Viewer)


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Apr 29, 2012
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David Koch AND his brother

David Koch Won’t Fund Trump Coronation in Cleveland

David Koch, one of the biggest backers of the 2012 Republican National Convention, won't support the party's next gathering in July where Donald Trump is expected to be named the presidential nominee. Neither David nor his brother Charles will contribute to the convention's host committee this year, said Kenneth Spain, a spokesman for their company, Koch Industries. The billionaires are among the country's biggest and most influential political funders, and have made no secret of their distaste for Trump's policies.

Of course the Trumpster continues his claims about not needing any money, because he is "self-funding" his campaign.
"The nice thing is, I don't want or need their money or support," Trump responded in a statement to Bloomberg. "They were very upset when the people they were supporting were soundly defeated by yours truly, but I think the American public will be happy to know that the Koch brothers will not have influence over a Trump administration or the lives of the American people."
Some people don't believe Trump is speaking truth when he says he is "self-funding" There Is No Trump Campaign: The presumptive Republican nominee has little staff, hardly any state organizations, tiny fundraising, and fantasy plans to win in New York. When the Wall Street Journal starts talking about fund raising problems for the Republican nominee - well, one just might begin to think the Trumpster hasn't won the financial backing which is so necessary in American politics. Donald Trump’s got (political) money problems
I believe some might consider this a *good* thing!
He won't need it. He's got the MSM as his campaign team.
It's sad to see the people willing to vote for somebody, but the donor class not supporting their run. The donor class has too much influence and should be removed from election process.
Boo hoo. They've already said they'd fund Clinton because she's dirty and Trump wouldn't be influenced by money. He should take it as a sign of his integrity.

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