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David Halpin Talks About Filth, Evil, Isreal, The World and Other Things Currently

Re: David Halpin Talks About Filth, Evil, Isreal, The World and Other Things Currentl

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Re: David Halpin Talks About Filth, Evil, Isreal, The World and Other Things Currentl

'Psychopaths' and 'Nazi' Zionists conspiring to dominate and destroy using murder and stuff. Couldn't watch more than ten minutes.

More of the same kind:

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Spoofing the hysteria: Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest

Perhaps I missed it in the later parts, but he didn't criticise Hamas did he? This is the terrorist group VOTED INTO POWER by the Palestininans specifically go and give Israel a drubbing. However, it's pitiful missile strike was reaped by harder stuff and so they played the usual 'injured innocent' card.

Mind, Islamic extremists keen on wiping out Israel themselves need no excuse to seethe about Jews and Israelites:


ProtestWarrior.com - Operation Wolverines




Iran Holocaust Denial--Rewriting history to suit their political ends - Statements

Wipe 'em off the map, that'll solve it: BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran leader's comments attacked

Arabs and the like were never keen on the Isrealites re-securing their ancient homeland. Ever since they returned after World War 2, the small nation has had to fight a long, grinding and flaring battle to mark its own territory and keep those wanting to smash Israel at bay. Particularly insulting when virtually all of the formerly Jewish lands are now Muslim.

Never mind, that doesn't matter: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europ...settlements-not-israeli-3.html#post1058589655

Oooh, the Israelis shouldn't have nukies. They'll only be used in retaliation for Iran's ones..... http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/57203-irans-nukies-over-you-liberals.html


Not the Israelites.... http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/54462-muslim-europe-look-like.html
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