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David Cameron reverses photographer decision


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Nov 25, 2009
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David Cameron has reversed his decision to employ a personal photographer and film-maker at taxpayers' expense.

The prime minister was criticised after Andy Parsons and Nicky Woodhouse were hired to take pictures and video of Mr Cameron and other government ministers.

Downing Street said Mr Cameron now accepted it had "sent the wrong message" to employ them at a time of public sector job cuts.

I think that was a very decent thing of him to do, to accept his decision may not be very sensitive to the current economic issues of Britain and accept that his decision was wrong.

BBC News - David Cameron reverses photographer decision
now lets see how much he means it by paying the photographer and film maker out of his own pocket and returning the money to the taxpayers.....
The photographer and film-maker will be paid by the Conservative Party - just as they were before the Cons went into Govt.

What would be better with the public would be the photographer and film-maker giving their salary back to the public fund. Even better than that would be Andy Coulson being fired and then properly investigated for any illegal phone tapping.
If this camera rubbish is anything like old Plastic Dave's escapades on his bike, the Tories could do well without this New Labour/BNP-style bossman glorification.
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