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Dangerous Times: Obama's Perversity


May 11, 2013
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By James Lewis
June 29, 2013

In economics, a "perverse effect" means getting what you don't want. If McDonald's makes an executive decision to sell lousy burgers and ends up bankrupt, that is a perverse decision. Markets are tough on companies that act perversely, but the Amazonian jungle of government allows perverse incentives to flourish and spread. In our current state of national perversity we have massive voter ignorance and apathy (and therefore no punishment for misgovernment), a Senate that passes critical legislation without even bothering to read it, an income tax code written by special-interest lobbyists over decades, and an IRS that is so deeply politicized that voter outrage has no visible impact at all. Add a one-party media and government control over one seventh of the economy coming up, and you know we're not going to come out of this unscathed.

Chicago is basically a one-party regime. How can you tell if you're living under one-party rule? Your media aren't going to tell you. Your government isn't either. Your schools are part of the mob monopoly. But there are signs: the biggest one is that open scandals and crimes have no consequences. We all know Holder is a perverse attorney general, that the EPA is run by scientific know-nothings, that Wall Street has high-level lines running into this administration, that "green technology" contradicts the known facts of physics, and that "catastrophic climate change" is a self-serving farce.

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WE can all see that this administration is a sham when the President must impose tyrannical Executive Orders to beat America into a Banana Republic. Restricting the use of coal in America while China and India increase their use of it producing more Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, and more pollution annually than America has produced in ten years.
er uh wolf, there's nothing about coal or any of your other delusions in the lying editorial you posted. please back up your delusions about china and india (no editorials please)
You know what's more dangerous? Ultrapartisanship.

And you sir, mr OP, are full of it.
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